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My name is Christopher Panarello, and in kindergarten I had trouble spelling my last name, so I wrote it as Chris P., and my friends called me “Crispy.” It stuck, thus “CrispyPics.”


While living in Seattle, I was so inspired by the natural beauty of the great northwest, I decided to take up photography and capture that beauty. I joined a photography club and was motivated by other photographers’ work to learn more about the craft. The other members encouraged and mentored me, and as my work improved, I took on small paying gigs and was further encouraged to take on more.

I moved to Palm Springs in 2014, and went to a drag show at Chili Bar. Palm Springs is an international hotspot for drag—the passion of the performers was truly inspiring, and something I thought should be captured. I got permission to take photos at the shows, and the resulting exposure led to requests for headshots, parties, weddings and private shoots.

I love photography. I love capturing the essence of nature, the passion of performance, and the beauty of people inside and out.

Let me capture the beauty of you.

I hope you enjoy my work. Thank you for visiting my website! 

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